Perfect for Startups 

In Australia Blockchain Alliance we help you to get closer to your dream 

It is always a huge commitment for you to start your business initially. The amount of time, resources and energy are required to start and grow a business. We always facing the following challenges when starting a business.

* Coming up with a great and unique product or service
* Having a strong plan and vision for the business
* Having sufficient capital and cash flow
* Finding good employees
* Firing bad employees quickly in a way that doesn’t lead to legal liability
* Work beyond your expectations
* Not be discouraged by customer rejection
* Know when to adjust your strategy

You will probably find that starting a new business is not an easy.

At ABA, we have the proven resources to help you solve these problems. The goal of the Alliance is to grow and enhance the Australian Blockchain community and to further enhance the ecosystem. ABA also aims to develop and bring blockchain technology to the local community through industry professionals. 

How it Works

Step 1

The Applicant submits the completed ABA Membership Application Form and pays the membership fee.

Step 2

The Membership Management confirms receipt of the application form.

Step 3

The Applicant will be added to ABA email list and will receive invitations to ABA events.

Final Process
Step 4

ABA Committee will approve the application within a month after the applicant attends the first ABA event.

Final Approval
Step 5

The Membership Management will inform the applicant of the official approval of the membership.

Note: Should the application be declined, the membership fee will be fully refunded.

Knowledge Hub

Startups are like babies. They seem tough and ready to go on by themselves at first, but also easy to fall apart. We support what the start-ups want to achieve until they reach that growth target and once, they get there, support is still necessary or keeping up with other competitors. We support in motivation, support in managing team member performance.

Brand Strategy

Our Office spaces are conveniently located at Brisbane CBD and Gold Coast.

Join Our Community

Join a community in ABA means you have access to the queensland blockchain ecosystem. We have been Connecting both local and international blockchain hubs, committee and outstanding blockchain entrepreneurs, start-ups and industry experts from different countries.

Membership Packages

Australia Blockchain Alliance aims to educate, develop and empower the Blockchain community of Australia and connect with both global leaders and best practice. The main objective of the Alliance is to uplift the Blockchain ecosystem and community and to address the critical skills gap in Australia with respect to Blockchain technology.


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