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Welcome to the Australian Blockchain Alliance

Australia Blockchain Alliance (ABA) is a Not-For-Profit Association originated in Queensland Australia. The goal of the Alliance is to grow and enhance the Australian Blockchain community and to further enhance the ecosystem.         

ABA aims to develop and bring blockchain technology to the local community through industry professionals. ABA is a non-profit organization made up of established & emerging entrepreneurs from all industries who are dedicated to constant learning, growth & best business practice with new technology.

ABA is committed to improve business opportunities and efficiency, facilitating business skills and knowledge sharing, organizing regular networking events, so as to foster a proactive business community and build successful business partnerships with new technology.

As a result, our members can achieve personal and business growth, deliver better business practice and ultimately provide better service to their clients.

Knowledge Hub

Most startups are destined for failure, but even the ones that succeed will experience some major hurdles in their way. Those who come out on top will need to manage risk, keep a level head, and develop resilience. We support you through coaching and consultation and put you on the right path to success.


Our Office is conveniently located at the heart of Brisbane's central business district and on the Gold Coast in Queensland Australia.


The ABA community means you have access to the ABA network and ABA blockchain ecosystem. We have been connecting both national and international blockchain communities, and outstanding blockchain entrepreneurs, start-ups and industry experts from different countries to collaborate and innovate this industry.

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The Blockchain opportunity for Australia

There are opportunities across our economy that can be seized and enabled by the use of blockchain technology: to create jobs, to create new economic growth, to save businesses expenditure, and to improve our overall productivity and efficiency. 

In addition, the combination of blockchain technology with other innovative technologies will add enormous economic value for those who are willing to take the leap. 

Meet Our Team

Lindy Chen
President of ABA
Aaron Cassar
Vice-President of ABA
Barry Lipscombe
Vice-President of ABA
Robert Lee
Chief Economist
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